C2 Air Vent Seal Repair

If you feel warm or hot air on your feet with air vent closed you may need to repair your Air Vent Seal. First make sure your rear hood seal is installed correctly, if not repairing you vent seal won't be of much help. Repairing vent seal is fairly easy and should only take a couple of hours. You can get the repair kit from most Vette suppliers. I also needed to replace both the Air Vent Cover and Air Vent Cable as they were shot.

I removed the seat to allow plenty of working room. Also I have tilt 15" steering wheel which I tilted up. If you don't have tilt and 16" wheel you may want to remove steering wheel for move room.

Here are the steps as I remember.

1. Remove 2 screws holding air vent cable to dash.
2. Remove kick panel carpeting.
3. Remove 4 screws from air vent cover.
4. Pull cover out and remove small clip (needle nose pliers) holding cable on vent door.
5. Slip cable off. Vent cover and cable are now free. Set aside.
6. Reach in an slide door UP allowing pivot pin at bottom to become free.
7. Push bottom of door in and let top pivot pin drop. Now door is free to remove.
8. Remove 4 rivets by drilling and split door into 2 pieces releasing old seal.
9. Clean/paint door halves.
10. Reassemble door using new rivets.
11. Reverse above steps to complete job.

NOTE: With door removed clean out vent/drain hole. It's hard to get you hand in. I use screw driver, compressed air and vacuum cleaner to removed 43+ years of crap. I only did driver side as passengers side is sealed and has A/C unit blocking.

Click on images for large view

New Seal & Rivet Kit Original Vent Door
Remove Rivets Split Apart
Back Together Clean Out Dirt
Closed Open

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