1965 Corvette Coupe
Carpet Install

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** Disclaimer ** I'm not a carptet installer and this is my first attempt at C2 install. This is a write up on what I did. There may very well be easier or better procedures.

Purchased carpet and jute w/rubber backing from Wilcox Corvette during one of their sales and it arrived in Corvette America boxes. 

Dynamat was installed previously in complete cockpit including roof, here is a few pic of Dynamat (insulation) install ==>> Dynamat pics   Starting with Dynamat installed allowed me to avoid the most complained about process of removing old carpet, backing and glue.

I had carpet/jute spread out in my basement for a month or so but that didn't help flatten or remove creases so no need to do. What you need most is SUNSHINE for a few hours which will soften and make manipulating easier. First thing I did was make work area easier. Using scrap wood I made a support in the storage area so I could put down a small piece of plywood allowing me to work rear compartment without breaking my back. In the seat area I  put down something for my knees which also helped while working in the rear compartment.

I didn't use any glue but opted to go with double sided carpet tape to install the rubber backed jute. I got the fiberglass reinforce tape at ACE Hardware and it held good and I should be able to remove in the future if necessary. I only use the tape on the vertical surfaces. Installing the carpet is somewhat of a challenge to say the least. It fits but it doesn't fit if that make any sense. All pieces need to be trimmed and getting them in place prior to trimming is a task but if you keep at it and trim small amounts eventually it fits. Key here is to take you time and trim SMALL amounts. Even after all that you may find a few lump or bulges which may or may not come out with steaming. I used a common utility knife with NEW blades for trimming. As with the jute I used double sided carpet tape where on the vertical surfaces where the Dynamat was exposed and SMALL amounts of spray on glue where it was carpet to jute surfaces, nothing on the flat surfaces.


Prior to starting install I did a couple of things (1) being painting where Dynamat might show thru. (2) Ran a couple of 12 ga wires from front compartment fuse box area to rear. Don't have any use for them now but their there if I ever need them. (3) Removed rear blower and duct, as I never used them, and sealed off front duct. (4) Replace loose and missing rear window screws with Jackson Head Screws.

Rear Compartment

I don't know if there is a preferred sequence but I started in rear compartment and installed the jute on the floor and wheel wheel wells.

For 1964-65 coupe owners with rear blower:
I removed my blower, duct and cable then taped all the ends of the wiring. After removing it still leaves brackets and the front duct and needs same carpet to cover. I elected to hide screws (not NCRS). After you get carpet in place install cardboard cover, attached rear screen which I had painted, and secured then using double sided carpet tape stick on carpet. For NCRS attach carpet to cover then screw to brackets.



Passengers Side

Along with the new carpeting I was installing C4 (1987) seats and 3-point harness so I did thing a little different then someone staying stock. One thing you will see in the pics below I cut the jute to fit around the seat mounts. Like the rear compartment getting the molded carpet to fit is a slow and carful process. I repeatedly put in, marked (Sharpie), removed and put back in. I didn't count number of time but at lease 10 iterations. Once I got good fit I lightly glued vertical carpet to jute surfaces. Then I replaced door sill, kick panel, seat belts and seat brackets.

C4 Seat Install Seat Belt - 3 Point Harness


Drivers Side

Same as passengers side only difference being need special consideration for gas pedal. So after getting carpet trimmed but not final, I used a couple of awls to punch through and line up screw holes. That then became the anchor point and then I did final trimming. Here I did count number of time remove, trimmed and retried "15 times" so as before take your time and trim little by little. Once the drivers side was complete I replaced console and checked all the little items.


End of Job Notes

Starting with Dynamat installed, seats/trim/console out and everything ready to go I think it took me about 20 hours over 3 days to have everything back together except installing seats & steering wheel which together only take a few minutes. That was jute, carpet, seat belts, console, kick panels, door sills, fixing rear window trim and washing rear window. I don't know it that time is good or bad but I'm very pleased with outcome. I made lot of SMALL cuts (see scrap below) but when job was done I only have one (1) bad cut and that was at the dimmer switch which I was off about 1/2 inch BUT you have to stand on your head to find the tiny patch I put in. 

I had no problem with thickness of Dynamat/Jute/Carpet. That's why having the carpet oversize and trimming to fit ideal for all.

Figuring out where to start   Lots of Scrap With Seats Installed

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