C2 - SBC - Crossover Pipe


Finally got around to getting removable crossover pipe installed.

1st impression is "I LIKE IT" got rid of the (gurgling, sputter, rattling, motorboat, ????} sound and made the exhaust a deeper tone. Seemed a little quieter but could be just the deeper tone, still got the sidepipe loudness though.

 Was able to fit just at the front of the oil pan and still clear the power steering.

For the record: ZZ4 with Dual Quads, 2 1/2 " Ram Horn, OEM side exhaust. New X-over pipe is 2 1/4", took about 1 hour and cost $150.

Find a local Muffler shop hopefully not a national chain and take some picture and show them what you want and stay with them during the install to insure your getting good install. Stay away from having the 17 year old install.

Also used Thermo-Tec Heat Shield to wrap X-over pipe to keep heat away from pan and steering.

Here's a couple of Sound Clips (.mp3 files) of before and after the install. Not the best of quality but can't go back and get the before but I think you can hear to BEFORE annoying sound and hear how it's gone in the AFTER.


Before Sound Clip <<======>> After Sound Clip

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