C2 Coupe Headliner Install

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This is a pretty straight forward task, but until you've done it, it can seem intimidating. So I wanted to take a moment to document the process with a few photos and words, for those who wish to know more before they take their car apart.

I removed the interior trim as follows:

  1. Sun visors
  2. Interior rearview mirror
  3. A-Pillar trim
  4. Center trim
  5. Side trim at the door opening

With those elements out, slide the headliner forward and out of the gap that separates the roof from the Halo.

At this point the headliner is out.

Observe the Birdcage, and photograph for future reference. In this case, my Silver/Silver car was very thoroughly painted Red at some point in the past.

The new headliner snaps into place and does not require any glue for installation. The Al Knoch headliner required no trimming or modification.

Insert the new headliner into the gap that separates the roof and the Halo until the forward edge of the headliner snaps up into the roof just inside the birdcage. Install the center trim.

Install the side trim.

Install the A-Pillar trim.

Now the mirror and sun visors, and you are done:

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