1965 Corvette Coupe Insulation

Here is a few methods I used to insulate my 1965 Corvette Coupe to help the A/C by not allowing un-necessary heat to enter cabin. Inside I applied Dynamat Extreme to all surfaces including roof for both insulation and sound. Underneath I use Frost King (Home Depot) sealing the joints with aluminum foil HVAC tape (Home Depot). Used a J-Roller to insure all was pressed into cracks & crevasse. Also tinted window and had louvers punched in the splash shields to help dissipate engine heat. One more thing -- make sure you have a rear hood seal and it is installed correct. I'm not sure if all the above/below is needed but combined my cockpit is cool even in 90+ sunny weather.

Installing the Dynamat is fairly easy once you have any old insulation/jute/carpet/glue removed. I was lucky as previous owners (PO) had remove everything and just had carpet with small amounts of glue to hold in place, not the best for noise, heat and looks, but it did make my job much easier. After clean up it is just a matter putting in the bigger sheets of Dynamat in all the large open areas and filling in the smaller open areas. Best to start in the back and work you way out using a J-Roller to press and secure.

A later project was to install new carpet and at that time I also installed new jute. Now with Dynamat, Frost King, Jute and Carpet the cabin is quiet and heat/cold are will problems. Driving in summer St. Louis heat/humidity and car stays comfortable, not like new vehicle but you can drive without sweat dripping off your nose.  Drove Vette in winter time temp (20)and had to shut system off.

Click on images for larger view

Roof/Headliner Under Seats Rear Compartment
Under Car Tunnel Right Side

Right Side Left Side Left Side

Louvered Splash Shield Frost King Aluminum Foil HVAC Tape
Hood_Seal J Roller  


While working on another project (Dash Removal) I cleaned up, POR-15, Frost-King then insulation (See Below)


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