1965 C2 Corvette
Brighter Dash Bulbs


For the record: Bulbs type and quantity for 1965 Vette Dash Cluster

Quanty Bulb # Description
2 257 Parking Brake/Headlight Alarm

Note: Try to use original because they appear to
last forever

3 1445 Ignition, Cigarette Lighter, High Beam
11 1816 Instrument Panel (Gray wire), Directional's


Part of my winter 2009-10 project was to install WhiteFace Gauges Overlays from Whitegauges.net I also painted the inside of the cluster a LITE GLOSS BLUE to both brighten and give a blue cast to the whiteface overlays. I also installed 1817 bulbs to replace the 1816's. The 1817's are noticeably brighter but also have higher amperage. I have a 100 amp alternator so the increase will not be a problem. 1817's can be purchased from Atlanta Light Bulbs

Note: I originally tried a few LED bulbs but they were, while BRIGHT, to directional and things look overall BRIGHTER with the 1817's which spread the light out more evenly.

Below test on workbench in dark room

Whiteface with original 1816 bulbs

Whiteface with 1817 bulbs

Various 1816-17 Bulbs

Lots of Bulbs

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