1965 C2 Corvette
WhiteFace Gauges

Part of my winter 2009-10 project was to install WhiteFace Gauges Overlays from Whitegauges.net
They have a wide variety and colors of overlays and while not perfect they work out well for good driver quality. One problem I found was the clock overlay didn't have the seconds & 24 hour clock numbering. I notified them and they are going to update overlay and send me a "TEST" version BUT as good as my clock came out I don't think I'm going to install.

click on images for larger view


Not much to say about install, just follow the instructions. HOWEVER, if you want them to look GREAT paint the original gauges GLOSS WHITE before installing overlay. The instruction claim you can install without removing pointers (needles) but to paint and have an easier job of positioning remove them, just be careful and use a steady upward pressure. NOTE: remember where they are pointing so you can install in the exact same position (take photo if possible).

I was also refurbishing the backside of the cluster so I painted the back of everything a light blue hoping to get a light blue cast on the gauges and I upgraded to 1817 bulbs from original 1816's.

I converted my "Battery Gauge to a Volt Meter" during the winter also.
Here is how-to ===>> Volt Meter Upgrade


What you get Clock & Overlay Installed Painted
Complete Speedo Back Side Tach
Assembled Back of Cluster Complete
w/Volt Meter
Closer View
Following 2 were
taken in completely
dark room on
Closer View   Original 1816 Bulbs New 1817 Bulbs
  Done Finished  


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