C4 Seats in C2 Coupe
(1987) <<===>> (1965)

Replacing the original seats in my 1965 Coupe with seats from 1987 (C4) Corvette. I purchased the  seats off of Ebay for about $285 + shipping of $100. The C4 seats were power standard (non-sport)  and came with all the wiring. Seats were in excellent condition and power units worked. I test fitted with power units attached and were too high so off with the power and sold on Ebay ($137.50 + shipping).

Purchased (again from Ebay) manual slider tracks from 1980 (C3) Corvette for $50 including shipping.

Lot of trial & error to obtain seat position. I literally had C4 seat & C3 track in and out 25 times or more taking measurements and sitting to see how it felt. Some time using blocks of wood instead of tracks but in the end I opted to HARD mount the seats & forget the track thus lowering and giving me more head rooms. Also, I would never adjust seat to move forward. However the seatback adjustment still works.

I then took measurements of the original C2 mounting holes and the C4 seat mounting holes. Then made a template (1/8 " hardboard) and fitted it to seat and C2 mounting holes. After confirming all was OK I transferred to 1/8 Flat Steel Plate.

For the rear mounting I used 2 of the original C2 mounting holes. Screwed in 2 1/2" bolts up from the bottom and added a 1/2" spacer. Also had to elongate (file) the hole slightly in the seat.

Head room went from about 3/4" to about 2 3/4" as you now set a couple of inches lower.

Went for a short drive and defiantly noticed a difference (for the better). The original seats weren't that bad for local driving around but the couple of 100+ mile trips I took they tended to make me sore all over. Can't say the the new will change that but I think they will.

That's all for now --  Seat are installed and I will drive AS IS for the time being waiting until winter. In the mean time I going to order upholstering using C2 (1965) light blue made to fit C4 (1987) seats and will install at the same time I install ALL new carpet that is sitting in my basement. Also waiting on vendors to send me samples of various colors & materials.

Got seat covers with new foam from Wilcox (who get from Corvette America). Went with the C4 (1987) Medium Blue as it look same color as the C2 (1965) Light Blue and was $300 cheaper the custom C2 color on C4 seats. Overall they look great but still need tightening in a few places. Did a temp fitting in (see below) and now need to paint frames and wait to get carpet installed.

Also on the list in installing 3 point seat belts. I believe I have all the necessary piece but as with the seats waiting for winter.


As Purchased Test Fit w/Power Tracks Power Tracks Test Fit with NO Tracks

Bracket Top View Bracket Side View Template Bracket

Bracket in place Bracket in place Seat Bolted In Old vs. New

New New New New
C4 (1987) Light Blue Temp Fitting Done  


Seat Belts & 3 Point Harness

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Seat Belt - 3 Point Harness


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