Solenoid for A/C

Those of you who have added A/C know that when the compressor kick in the RPM's drop to almost stall conditions. I did a search and using information from various post I consolidated and took a few pictures. This worked for me as it was a bolt on.

NOTE ** I'm running a Holley 650 Street Avenger carb that already had both holes. Your carb may or may not have these hole and you will need to drill/tap or adjust to your situation.

Parts: There are other combinations but these fit perfect
Holley universal mounting bracket 20-9
GP Sorenson Solenoid 779-1904


Then you need to run a wire (12V +) that is spliced into wire that engages compressor to solenoid.

Then a little adjustment (solenoid in/out) to get RPM set correctly.