VBP Suspension Install


When I installed new wheels/tires I remove spring spacers from the front springs (3 one side and 4 on the other). I also notice the rear spring was de-arched on one end. While the LOW stance looked cool there was no spring and the tires were very very close to rubbing. So I decide to upgrade suspension. where I ended up with Vette Brake Products (VBP) Front Transverse Conversion Kit (#42030) which includes lower control arms and fiberglass Monospring and Rear fiberglass Monospring (#42333) 317 lb# (*** see below). Plus KYB/GR-2 shocks all the away around.

Rear install was straight forward and fairly easy. The front while not hard but was a bigger pain dealing the 40+ year old rusty bolts, control arms, springs, etc. Once the parts were removed installation was easy.

The front has 4 ride adjustments from soft to very firm. Im starting out with soft and will try others later on. Both front & rear come with 8 inch long bolts which give you lots of ride height adjustment.

Rear spring rates according the VBP are NOT all the same

300# has a range of 270#-315#
330# has a range of 312#-348#

I wanted around #315 so they sent a 330 that was really 317#


Click on images for larger view:

Out with this


In with this


Front Suspension


Need to cut bumper brace

Before and After Stance


I later installed the VBP Upper Tubular Control Arms (42102)