1965 Corvette Coupe

2006-7 Winter Clean Up / Fix Up Project:


Install Classic Air Conditioning
Replace Under Hood Wiring Harness
Remove grease/grime
Replace some gaskets
Little Painting
Add some CHROME

Replace Dash Wiring Harness
Refresh Glove Box Door
New Knobs
Stock Radio Upgrade with NEW Insides

And as you can imagine one thing lead to another and another, ending up more then I wanted to do this winter and costing more $$$$. BUT now that I'm in so deep I'm glad it is turning out better then my expectations.

As of 3/3/2007 I have 95% of the engine bay complete. Just need to move battery to drivers side and complete the install of the A/C and Heater hoses, Then I can move to the Interior pieces.

Added to the above list were:
New Exhaust Manifolds
New Cam & Lifters|
Timing Chain & Gears
Points, Plugs, Condenser, Cap, Rotor, Wires
Water Pump
Rebuild Headlight Motors
Hood Latches
Hood Hinges
Hood Support
Fuel Line
Many, Many Bolts, Nuts & Washers
And whatever else I forget

After assembling above added oil (Rotella Diesel 10/30) and GM E.O.S. Assembly Oil and filled radiator. Double check everything I could think of. Then for the big test "DRUM ROLL" hit the starter and like magic it fired right up J Purred like a kitten, very smooth no misses, just gave the side pipes a sweet rumble.

Did a quick check of oil pressure and set dwell and timing to get close then bumped RPM up to about 1700 and let it run for about 25 minutes for CAM break in.  FYI...The reason I replaced the CAM was I had no idea what was currently installed, all I knew was that it wasn't a Solid Lifter CAM that should have been installed. I installed a GM 327/350 HP Hydraulic Kit (Part # 12364050). With new exhaust manifold & gaskets and everything else new it sounds like a complete different Vette. Not BAD but different GOOD and the exhaust leaks are gone. Need to start up again and set timing to more exact specs and run again then change and filter.

Then on to the interior

Below are some of the pics I took.

Click on images for larger view

Engine Clean Up

Starting Point POR-15 (Silver) POR-15 Engine Enamel
Mock Up Paint Starting Back
Almost There New Metal Fuel Line Fired-Up & Running

A/C install

A/C has it's own page ===>> Classic Auto Air Install

Interior Items

Old Wiring Apart A/C going in
Dynamat Done Done

Dash Refinish

Glove Box Before
Glove Box After
Cluster Before Apart Gauges
Parts Parts Cluster After