Center Storage Console


To go along with the C4 (1987) seat I needed a center storage console to fill in the blank look in between the seats. Needed something about 15" * 6" Search the "U-Wrench" junk yard and came up with console out of a 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible ($10). Needed extensive cutting to get down to size. Also needed to fill in the E-Brake handle slot and power top button hole. Just some fiberglass & Bondo. Also need to build/fill-in inside to form box. Then just sand/primer/paint then glue in some carpet scraps and install.

There are lots of consoles out there in the junk yards and although I like how mine turned out, if I was to start again from scratch I would get a few more to experiment with as the Sebring console with it's angled sloping front was very hard to get exact fitting.


2000 Sebring Console   Apart
Fiberglass & Bondo Primer Painted
Coin & Pen Holder    

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