Trim Tag Decode 1963-1967 Corvette

This will provide basic interpretation of the Trim Tag on C2 1963-67 Corvettes. For further clarification you may need to reference other published material. The data here was collected from a variety of sources which did NOT always agree. While collecting information I found many changes and variations that occurred during model years. I did NOT include all the small items but kind of stuck to the NORMAL. Examples of the small things were number of spaces and were dashes or periods included in a particular item. Also in some case the St. Louis, MO (STL) and Inoia, MI A.O. Smith (AOS) were so varied I separated them.

The main item not included on this page are ECL codes as there are thousands of combinations base on Trim Color and some have multiple revision throughout a model year. So just the Trim Colors are listed on this page. For a more complete decode you  will need go here ==> ECL Decode or refer to other publications to interpret the actual ECL's.

Again this is just to provide a quick reference to the most asked about portions of the Trim Tag.

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