1969 Corvette TKO600 Close Ratio 5 Speed Install

My install of TKO600 in a 1969 Vette


After installing Side Pipes (N14) started installing Vintage Air then took a step back and figured that with hood off, console out and needed work under hood for A/C might as well go the extra step and install TKO600 (Close Ratio 5 Speed) that I was planning on for next winter.

Will add descriptions later


Did lot of research of Top 3 vendors who sell C3 Install "KITS".   They all have a "SEND ME A QUOTE" to get your name/address/email/etc. After completing  all 3 "QUOTE" request 1 never answered the other 2 replied with fairly good proposal including detail parts list & cost. I then request more info Discounts/warranty/specific info on kits. One would answer any question immediately, the other not so good in fact never did provide in writing warranty information, just verbal over the phone but promised to send to me -- never did. So I went with SST (Silver Sport Transmissions (BTW got 6% Veterans Discount). They had in stock an shipped next day.

Enough about that stuff.

First item was decide (a) Install with engine in place (b) pull engine. Both options have there +'s and -'s but I decide to pull engine and do lots of clean up work and also give me more room to work with part of the A/C install. Plus I needed to replace fan shroud (BB radiator and SB shroud currently).

Below is some pic of the removal of engine/transmission.


Going back together



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