1969 Corvette Vintage Air Install

My install -- Vintage Air in a 1969 Vette


Last major item is installing A/C - HOT & HUMID Missouri Summers Require. Top down is great but when you are in your 70's A/C is GREATER :) Have installed Classic Auto Air in my '65 Vette and used Vintage Air in other vehicles Both "PERFECT FIT or SURE FIT" are a little misleading when dealing with C2's and C3's as they were never perfect from the factory. As long as you have an open mind and a few mechanic skills and a little patients you can get it installed.
I preferred CAA because I like their "CABLE" controls (old fashion) but less to go wrong. However, Selection for VA came down to online documentation and their sales/service team. I had an idea how I want the system to look and work. Unlike my '65 with lots of chrome and shiny stuff I want the '69 to look somewhat original. I'm not even close to a NCRS type of person but I wanted something different then I have done it the past. Talking to VA and explaining my idea they were able to guide me to all parts needed to order from them.
Vette is a NON-A/C car but I ordered the kit for an A/C car minus the compressor and brackets. I got original A/C brackets off of Ebay and a remanufactured A6 compressor. Also center A/C vent for dash and A/C blower switch. To use the A6 needed an adaptor with VA sells. BTW..I will be using R12 which I have 6 little cans and a 30# tank.

For cooling I installed a new Dewitt's Aluminum BBC Radiator & Shroud.

Will add descriptions later



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