How to paint C5 Emblem on the Hood Liner

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Clean First

Start by removing the liner from the hood. There are 15 round plastic retainers that pull straight out. You need to clean liner prior to painting. You can use a nylon bristle brush and air to clean.


You may use Rust-O-Leum Flat Black over the emblem area. Apply two coats. You can then use Tester's model paint in a tube (like a felt tip pen) which can be purchased from a hobby shop ($3.00 per tube). I used silver, red and white. You can be creative!!!

Start OutlineStart by outlining the outside area with silver. It's easy because of the raised edges.


Outline CompleteHere is the completed outline. It takes about 1/2 hour for two coats. Now you ready for some color. Next, paint white in the flag area, them move to the Red. NOTE** White should start in the upper left square BUT it easier to color the flat areas the the raised ** The red will soak into the raised fibers. It may take 4-5 coats to look better.

Paint CompletePainting complete.


Back on CarLet paint dry then reinstall with original plastic retainers. This took about 2-3 hours and cost $15-$20. Try your own color combinations.......Enjoy

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