C5 Shifter Replacement

This is to assist in the replacement of the MN6/M12 shifter. These directions can be used with all after market shifters or a cut down (shortened) stock shifter. I have used to install two (2) B&M Ripper shifters and one (1) shortened stock shifters. The photos are from the shortened stock shifter install in a Z06.

Tools required:

#10 Metric Socket
3/8" Socket
Two (2) Small Flat Blade Screwdriver
Torx T15 Driver
Old Bath Towel
Shop Towel

Important: Set hand brake prior to starting, it's a good idea to block wheels also. Make sure you check manufactures instruction prior to starting.

NOTE:  Click on thumbnail images for larger view.

Step 1:  Place a protective cover over passengers seat. I used a old bath towel. Gather all required tools.

Step 2: Using small flat blade screwdriver to remove plastic shift pattern (PIC 1) to expose the square pin  holding the shift knob on securely (PIC 2).   

Step 3: Remove the square pin. "This is the hard part" Depending on how hard the assembly line worker hammered in the pin will determine the difficulty level of this task. I have had one (mine) that was driven in so hard it required vice grips apply extremely tight and a hammer to pound upwards to remove. The other two pins came out using two screwdrivers, one on each side. Place a shop towel on shift knob to avoid damaging. There is a small lip that you can place tip of screwdriver under (PIC 3). Do this on both sides of the pin and press down on handle slow with steady pressure and the pin should slide up and out.

     <<==   Pin Removed  ==>>     

Step 4: Unscrew knob to remove and set aside (PIC 4)

Step 5: Open console and with screwdriver gently pry up the trim piece with Traction Control button (PIC 5) Disconnect the traction control harness (PIC 6) and the variable suspension selector harness (if equipped) and air bar diable switch (if equipped). Disconnect the accessory plug wiring harness. Remove two 10mm nuts located under trim piece just removed (PIC 7).  Gently pry off plastic covers and remove two 10mm nuts located inside an the rear of the console (PIC 8) 

Step 6: Pry off Interior Temperature Sensor and remove T15 Torx screw (PIC 9)

Step 7: Remove ash tray. Remove T15 Torx screw behind ash tray (PIC 10).  and T15 Torx screw along side of cigarette lighter (PIC 11)

Step 8: (Convertibles only) Remove waterfall by removing T15 Torx screw on top and two T15 Torx screws a base of waterfall. Lift straight up and set aside.

Step 9: Slide console (loosened in step 5) toward rear of car Pop console/dash trim plate loose (PIC 12) and disconnect cigarette lighter connector (PIC 13)  Set this piece aside. Shifter should now be exposed.

Step 10: Remove four 10mm nuts holding shift boot down (PIC 14) to expose shifter base. Remove four 10mm (3/8") nuts from shifter base (PIC 15) and lift shifter out. If new gasket supplied scrap off old with razor blade (PIC 16).   Pop off black plastic insulator (PIC 17).

Install new shifter and reassemble - This is basically a reversal of the disassembly with the exception of installing new parts and/or gasket supplied with shifter. Use photo from steps above for reference. Be sure to check manufactures directions first.

Step 11:  Pop black plastic insulator (from step 10) onto ball of new shifter. Install new shifter using new gasket if supplied. Re-intall four nuts that hold shifter base. (Tighten carefully to avoid stripping - not much pressure here). Re-install boot and four nuts (Tighten carefully to avoid stripping). Now is a good time to check and be sure that you can shift to all gears.

Step 12: Re-install console trim (may have to slide console compartment back again). Don't forget to connect cigarette lighter connector and check to make sure it works. Re-install three Torx screws from steps 6 and 7. Slide console compartment forward and re-install nuts from step 5, two under traction control and two inside console. Replace nut covers inside console. Replace inside temperature sensor cover.

Step 13: (Convertibles only)  Re-install waterfall with three Torx screws from step 8.

Step 14: Re-connect All electrical connection that you disconnected in step 5. Replace traction control panel.

Step 15: If you are installing new shift knob, follow manufactures instruction. If replacing stock knob, screw back on and insert square pin back in hole. Gently tap, don't pound pin into hole. Replace plastic shift pattern. Installation complete.

Step 16:  Test drive to insure that every thing works OK including traction control and variable suspension and air bag disable.

Enjoy !!

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